Online Training: Worship, Live Stream, and Kids with Disabilities

Presented via Zoom on April 14, 2020, by Ashley Belknap, Director of Engaging Disability

Has it been challenging and frustrating trying to enfold your children into livestream worship during this COVID-19 period? We believe that the next several weeks will provide a wonderful opportunity to train your children with disabilities to worship uniquely. But there are many potential challenges to worshipping via computer screen: disrupted routine, changed context, problem behaviors, and shortened attention span.

In this online training, Ashley discusses:

  1. Challenges of livestreaming church AND the opportunities they present to engage disability uniquely in worship.
  2. Positive behavior support strategies to enable your child to grow in his or her ability to participate in worship.
  3. Small steps to progressively help you reach your goal of worshipping together as a family.