Graphic showing 1 in 5 Americans has a learning disability
What Are Learning Disabilities?

Learning disabilities are neurological differences that affect a person’s ability to understand, remember, or communicate information. An estimated 20% of Americans, nearly 65 million, are impacted by a learning disability. Despite this, learning disabilities are still largely misunderstood.

The term learning disability does not refer to a single neurological disorder. Rather, it represents a broad range of conditions that impair several functions of the brain. Learning disabilities can be quite complex due to environmental factors, temperament, and learning style. It is rare for a learning disability to be traced to a single cause.

Learning disabilities can be divided into several broad categories. They are most often seen in combinations and vary quite significantly in severity from one person to the next. It is important to develop a relationship with each child, teen, or adult who has a learning disability and allow them to teach you the specifics of their learning differences.

Common learning disabilities include:


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