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sticky notes showing ways to respond to quarantine, including stay home, write a letter, online chat, and phone a friend

Engaging Families at Home During COVID-19

Churches are having to think creatively about how to encourage…
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Questions and Answers about engaging disability during COVID-19
A mother and preschool aged son outside wearing masks.

How COVID-19 Links Us More to Families with Disabilities

The advance of the novel coronavirus in Spring 2020 resulted…
stack of books about autism and family life with disability

Our Favorite Books: Autism in the Family

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Are you looking for books about family life with autism? Here…
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Our Favorite Books: Family Life with Disability

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Are you looking for books on family life with disability? Here…
a group of ladies smiling and talking together in a coffee shop

Interest Meetings for Families Living with Disability

Interest group meetings can be especially helpful when…
woman holdng small gift package with a red bow

When We Don’t Get What We Want

One Christmas Day, our youngest son Timmy (who has Down syndrome)…
3D illustration showing a conceptual compass including the stage in the process of acceptance with needle pointing the word acceptance. Other steps shown include denial, anger, and depression.

Grief: Its Impact and the Path to Acceptance

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Individuals and families who are impacted by disability, whether…