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A mother and preschool aged son outside wearing masks.

How COVID-19 Links Us More to Families with Disabilities

The advance of the novel coronavirus in Spring 2020 resulted…
young lady with a disability and her older friend reading the Bible together

Enfolding Ladies with Disabilities into Women’s Ministry

Who might your women’s ministry intentionally encourage? There…
hymnal open to O Worship the King

Singing Hymns and Making a Joyful Noise

Singing praises to God is one of the fundamental ways that we…
disability ministry books on a shelf
a collection of books standing side by side

Our Favorite Books: Perspective on Mental Health

Here are our favorite books on a Christian perspective on mental…
Nurse holding hand of a senior woman

On Being for the Life of My Neighbor

Even as I write this, our nation continues the heated debate…
a goal without a plan is just a wish - motivational handwriting on a napkin with a cup of coffee

Making Strategic Adaptations at Church

A frequently-asked question in the local church is, “What should…
image of a church with hearts around it

Guiding a Family into the Heart of Church

Many churches are seeing a drop in attendance, and they are…
illustration of a church building

Planning Chart for Adapting Church Programs

We encourage churches to think through ways to adapt existing…
Aerial view of historic church steeple and sunset

Disability Ministry and the Local Church

Disability Ministry and the Local Church: Hard Experiences,…