Starting Steps for Any Size Church Considering Disability Ministry

When churches consider more intentional ministry to and alongside families impacted by disability, it can seem daunting. Where do we begin? Do we have the knowledge, resources, and time to invest? What if we do or say the wrong thing? We only have one family touched by disability—do we really need a ministry? If you have asked these questions or want to explore this area of ministry, this webcast is a perfect place to start.

We believe that every church—regardless of size, resources, and knowledge of disabilities—can be more intentional in the supports, discipleship opportunities, and fellowship they offer to individuals and families living with disability. It is also likely that you have more children, teens, and adults impacted by disability in your congregation than you realize. Whether you are considering adaptations for children’s ministry, where to start with mental health concerns, how to best support families with dementia or seniors, join us for this webcast. We will give you a framework for ministry, small starting steps that work in your church context, and an understanding of how to plan for long-term, sustainable ministry.

Ashley Belknap, Director of Engaging Disability With The Gospel, leads this discussion with panelists:

Kevin Daane – Pastor of Congregational Care at New Life Presbyterian Church in Escondido, CA

Katie Flores – Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry and Director of Enfold Disability Ministry at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL

Gigi Sanders – Director of Special Needs at Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN

For more information, see Starting Steps for Any Size Church.

This training was presented by Mission to North America as a Weekly Webcast.