Resources to Support Rhythms, Routines, and Social Skills

Presented via Zoom on August 13, 2020, by Kristen Harnly

With COVID-19, many families impacted by disability have found it exceptionally challenging to build daily routines and habits that facilitate growth for their families. As we look toward the fall, we share our favorite resources and adapted materials for building rhythms and routines to help your children and teens grow and thrive. In this video, we focus on developing predictable daily patterns that help buoy families amidst the many changing aspects of each week.

We also share our favorite resources for nudging your children forward in developing their social skills. Most have not had opportunities to practice social skills since the onset of COVID-19. But that does not mean skill regression has to be a new normal for your family. Our tips and favorite resources for developing social skills will help kids reconnect with others and make re-entry at church easier.