Is your church doing disability ministry? Register with us!

Is your church humbly endeavoring to disciple, assimilate, and meet the needs of families impacted by disability? We would love to know more about your church and let others know also via our website.

Every church is different, and each family touched by disability is unique in their strengths and needs. However, we have found churches operate in one or more of the following stages of disability ministry development:

1. Is disability-friendly

    • endeavoring to embrace disability in the body of Christ
    • recognizes that people with disabilities often need extra assistance to navigate church body life
    • willing to help find and mobilize volunteer(s) to meet needs as they arise
    • has someone available to help a person with a disability navigate a first-time visit to the church

2. Organically meeting the needs of individuals in the congregation as their needs arise, e.g. in a Sunday School class or through events such as respite care

3. Planning or launching intentional disability ministry

4. Has formalized ministry in one or more established ministry areas for people with disabilities, e.g. children’s ministry, deaf ministry, respite care ministry

5. Has formalized ministry across all established ministry areas for people with disabilities

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