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Quick Tips and Resources for Visual Impairment

Print and Projection Considerations

  • Font: Use a sans serif font or APHont.
  • Text size: Use large print, i.e. 18-24 pt for printed matter, 24 pt or more for text projected on a screen.
  • Color contrast: Use a dark or black font on a white background, or conversely, use a white font against a dark or black background.
  • Color: Avoid using green, red, and pink which are difficult for many to see.
  • Line spacing: Add white space around words by using a line spacing of 1.5 or 2.
  • Images: Avoid using pictures or graphic images under or around the text.

Large-Print Availability

  • Have several large-print Bibles, hymnals, and Sunday bulletins in the church foyer and make sure greeters know where they are.
  • Consider creating large-print versions of all the church’s materials: programs, study outlines, prayer lists, announcements, etc.
  • Send materials to the person with visual impairment as much in advance as possible.

Accessible Formats

  • Ask a person if an audio version of the Bible or study materials may be the most helpful.
  • Provide text-only files of all materials to persons with screen readers or braille printers.
  • Use file formats that those devices can read: .doc, .docx or .rtf files. PDFs cannot be read.
  • Consider putting materials on a memory stick which persons with screen readers can pick up in the church foyer to use in their devices.

Usher and Greeter Training

  • Introduce yourself before offering assistance to move about the building.
  • Ask the person where you should stand.
  • Offer your arm and walk at the person’s pace, no matter how fast or slow.
  • Tell the person ahead of time when a change in walking patterns is coming up, e.g. door, steps, slope, obstacles in the hallway, etc.
  • Be descriptive so the person can “see” through your words.

Building Considerations

  • Add lighting to dimly lit areas such as stairways, hallways, alcoves in the sanctuary.
  • Consider reflective tape on the edge of stairsteps.
  • Make sure you have braille elevator buttons.

Bible Resources

Optasia Ministry

Lutheran Braille Workers

  • – 800-925-6092 –
  • Provides free braille and large print Bibles, audio Bible studies, and other materials in over 30 languages. 

Aurora Ministries

  • – 941-748-3031 –
  • Offers free or low-cost audio, text, and DVD resources in many languages to “qualified visually-impaired and print-disabled individuals.” Formats include audio CDs, mp3 files, cartridges for Talking Book Players, and free Audio Bible Players.

Braille Bibles International

  • – 800-522-4253 –
  • Offers free braille Bibles, concordances, children’s storybook Bibles, and other discipleship materials. Also offers free and for-donation audio and large-print materials.

Distance Education

Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired

  • – 800-323-4238 –
  • Non-profit international distance education school that provides a free education to “anyone with a visual impairment, as well as families and professionals serving them.”

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