Q&A: Siblings: Balancing the Needs of the Family

In this Q&A, Ashley Belknap discusses parenting challenges that may occur when one child has been diagnosed with a disability while a sibling develops typically in response to this question:

How do I find the balance of meeting the needs of my child who has special needs, as well as meeting the needs of her typically-developing sibling? To give just one illustration, one child has hearing loss and needs a quiet environment to learn while my other child is an extrovert and wants to be in the middle of everyone, talking all the time. Can you help?

Ashley’s answer includes:

1. Parents want to solve problems, while God wants to accomplish His good purpose. (3:16)

2. Parents continually fight against the desire to be equal and fair. (7:14)

3. The myth of balance is rooted in the idol of perfection. (10:24)

4. The call of the gospel is to yield to each other. (11:45)