Q&A: Children’s Catechism Visuals

In this episode, Ashley Belknap answers these questions:

1. What version of the children’s catechism is used in your Children’s Catechism products? (6:11)

2. We love using these catechism visuals! Our children are enjoying learning the children’s catechism now that we have the visuals and are making so much faster progress with memorization. We would love to know the story behind how these visuals came about. (7:30)

3. Are these products designed for all children or just for children with disabilities? (10:14)

4. My child has very limited language. How can I use these visuals with her? (12:12)

5. What is the best way to start using these visuals at home with our children? (15:56)

View or shop for the Children’s Catechism visuals at Simply the Gospel.