Q&A: Making Classrooms Safe for Elopers

One very strong reason families will choose to stay home rather than come to church is due to a maladaptive behavior known as eloping. Elopement occurs when a child, teen, or adult wanders, runs, or escapes from their assigned setting (home/church/park/etc.). For families who have an eloper, they are often hypervigilant about watching their loved one to ensure he/she stays safe and does not wander off.

Churches can provide genuine respite for families who have elopers. It’s a gift to allow a family to attend Sunday school while their student is well-cared for and taught the Bible in a safe setting. Yet often churches do not truly know how to respond to runners or how to prepare for or respond to an elopement situation. And often parents are concerned that church volunteers will not be hypervigilant enough to keep their loved ones safe.

This Q&A will provide you with the very basics for getting a plan in place to keep your kids, teens, and adults who elope, safe. In this video we will discuss: who is most likely to elope, what to do when a student elopes, tips for preventing elopement, and how to develop an elopement plan that leaders, parents, and volunteers know and practice regularly.