Discovery box and all the items contained in one
Make and Use a Discovery Box

A Discovery Box is a portable container, such as a shoe box or a plastic bin, that is filled with interactive tools to help students who learn differently from their peers and can be used in the classroom or other settings.

Work with your buddy’s teacher or parents to make a Discovery Box that will help your buddy engage with the lesson and classroom activities. Ask them for specific recommendations for items and how to use them.

Your Discovery Box can be easily filled using extra copies of your Sunday School materials, items around your home, or things purchased at a dollar store. We have found many good ideas on Pinterest. Keep in mind what is age- or grade-appropriate. Be mindful that some items are choking hazards and only offer things that you know are safe for your buddy.

We recommend including items such as:

  • picture prompts or symbols
  • picture schedule
  • social narratives (search online for Social Stories™)
  • extra copies of visuals from the lesson
  • related coloring sheets
  • an index card with the lesson Bible verse
  • simplified version of the lessons
  • incentive charts or token boards
  • stickers
  • fidget items, such as pencil toppers
  • small therapy balls
  • favorite personal items that are calming

You may not need all of these items, and you may find other items to add. The contents of your box will be unique to your buddy.

For more information, see Buddy Ministry Tips.


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