Joel Wallace

Director of Ministry Operations

Birmingham, Alabama

I serve churches across North America by helping them effectively disciple and enfold kids, teens, and adults with disabilities. My role involves ministry plus operations. Ministry includes coaching churches and developing comprehensive training for their staffs and members. I also help produce discipleship materials adapted for people of all learning abilities. I also oversee all the operations of our team and the systems that it takes for us to deliver the training and resources we produce.

“Every person is essential to the body of Christ. And every one of is broken. Some of uspeople who we say have disabilitieshave more obvious signs of that brokenness. But all of usyou and meexperience disability and brokenness spiritually. Regardless of the disabling conditions we have, physical or spiritual, each person has unique abilities and gifts to serve others and make the body of Christ complete. Helping individuals, families, and churches experience this reality deeply is what motivates me every day!”