Donor Privacy Policy

Engaging Disability With The Gospel highly values our relationships with the people who entrust to us their funds to support our mission. This policy seeks to communicate that value and to provide transparency regarding how we collect, use, and protect the information relating to donors and prospective donors.

Confidentiality of Donor Information

All information related to donors and donations that is obtained by Engaging Disability is treated as confidential to its staff, board of directors, and authorized agents such as bookkeepers and accountants, except as described otherwise in this policy.

Types of Information Collected

Engaging Disability collects:

  • donor contact information: full name, address, phone number, email address.
  • donation and pledge information: amount, date, method of giving, how donations were solicited.
  • other information necessary to process a donation or payment.
  • donor’s requests, comments, and suggestions.

  • Use and Disclosure of Donor Information

    Engaging Disability will:

    • use donor information to send acknowledgements, tax statements, and news of how donor gifts are being used.
    • not sell, trade, lease, or share donors’ personal information we collect.
    • not send donors mailings on behalf of other organizations.
    • use donor information to protect against potential fraud.
    • only share donor personal information for reasons other than the above if given specific permission to do so.
    • use all reasonable means to protect donors’ personal information.

    How Donor Information is Maintained

    Engaging Disability uses an outside donation processing company, Aplos Software, to securely collect the bank, debit card, or credit card information for donations. Engaging Disability never has access to credit/debit card and bank account numbers. All traffic on our Aplos Software’s website is encrypted with 256-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS). Full data protection security protocols may be found on their website. Donors are encouraged to set up their own accounts with the processor to access their own giving history.

    Outside of the donation processor’s client portal, Engaging Disability maintains donor information on secured internal document systems.

    Legal Compliance 

    Engaging Disability complies with all federal and state reporting requirements. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, we must report donations over 2% of our entire budget or $5,000.00 to the IRS on Form 990, Schedule B. This includes the donor’s name, address, and donation amount. A charity’s Form 990 is a matter of public record. Several states require charitable organizations to file their Form 990 with their state agencies that regulate charitable solicitations. Engaging Disability may also disclose donor information to comply with legal process served on us.

    Memorial/Tribute Gifts

    The names of donors of memorial or tribute gifts may be released to the honoree, next of kin, appropriate member of the immediate family, or executor of estate unless otherwise specified by the donor. Gift amounts are not released without the consent of the donor.

    Anonymous Giving

    Engaging Disability will honor the wishes of donors who request that their contributions be treated as anonymous to the extent permitted by law.

    Requests to Be Removed from Mailing Lists

    Engaging Disability will honor a donor’s request to be removed from our mailing lists for everything except sending tax-deduction statements.