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Teaching Visual Learners

Visual learners will learn best if you help them SEE IT! Here are some of our favorite tips and strategies.

  • Use sign language or hand motions
  • Use expressive body language when teaching
  • Display picture schedules 
  • Show pictures of objects
  • Read big books
  • Integrate charts and diagrams
  • Locate places on maps
  • Watch video clips
  • Show images on an iPad or other technology
  • Show an image and look for similarities and differences
  • Write text on a poster board or dry erase board
  • Encourage the child to keep a journal for notes
  • Create a biblical photo booth or slideshow
  • Do crafts
  • Use picture prompts and communication folders
  • Have a mystery bag filled with objects to help you share the lesson
  • Have a welcome table with display items related to the weekly lesson and vary the items each week
  • Provide books in large print
  • Use puppets
  • Use flannel graphs
  • Act out a drama
  • Wear costumes
  • Use arrows and pointers
  • Vary your facial expressions
  • Use charts or simple line drawings
  • Use brightly colored visuals
  • Have students close their eyes and create a mental picture
  • Display interactive bulletin boards

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