Group of elementary aged children holding sheet music and singing together
Teaching Auditory Learners

Auditory learners will learn best if you help them HEAR IT! Here are some of our favorite tips and strategies.

  • Tell stories and allow students to retell them
  • Read from short passages of Scripture
  • Play a recording of a sound related to the lesson
  • Sing and play instruments
  • Alter your tone of voice while teaching
  • Encourage students to discuss topics and interact with their peers
  • Select volunteers to read out loud – keep in mind that not all auditory learners can read
  • Ask students questions
  • Use a microphone prop when asking students questions
  • Assign partners when asking questions and encourage kids to compare answers with their partners
  • Put Bible verses, memory verses or concepts to music or a chant
  • Open the lesson with a “hook” to allow students to talk about a life experience
  • When talking with a child, take the mental age into consideration but always use age-appropriate language
  • Use materials that are high interest and current
  • Encourage students to ask questions
  • Add music when possible
  • Tell students what to listen for before teaching your lessons, such as a word, person, or event
  • Use talking books
  • Debates

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