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Enfolding Families at Christ Pres in Nashville

Attend Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville on a Sunday morning and you’re likely to run into people involved in the church’s Special Needs Ministry. With several Sunday School classes for […]

Coffee, Friendship, and Ministry Growth

Disability ministry, now a very natural part of church body life at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Harrisonburg, Virginia, has come a long way since its beginning in 2000. “During the […]

Using Motivators in Children’s Ministry

The effect of disability on every child is unique. Many children with disabilities have difficulty being motivated to learn and do things that don’t intuitively seem like things they should […]

Developing a Disability Ministry Team at Church

As your ministry to families with disabilities grows, at some point you will likely want to organize your volunteers into a ministry team. Developing and training leadership is the next […]

Physical Accessibility Issues for Churches

There are many ways in which churches can be inaccessible to people with disabilities, the elderly and injured. A primary one is physical accessibility. Being physically accessible is an expression of […]

How Disability is Indispensable

The word disability often conjures images and ideas that reflect a limited understanding of the unique abilities of people who have disabling conditions. Disability often causes us to focus on […]