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Engaging Families at Home During COVID-19

Churches are having to think creatively about how to encourage all families while everyone is staying at home. What about how to encourage the families impacted by disability in your […]

How COVID-19 Links Us More to Families with Disabilities

The advance of the novel coronavirus in Spring 2020 resulted in stay-at-home orders in most U.S. states. People have been told to maintain a physical distance of at least 6 […]

Enfolding Ladies with Disabilities into Women’s Ministry

Who might your women’s ministry intentionally encourage? There are likely to be ladies living with disability in your women’s ministry who would love to be more involved and growing in […]

Developing a Disability Ministry Team at Church

As your ministry to families with disabilities grows, at some point you will likely want to organize your volunteers into a ministry team. Developing and training leadership is the next […]