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Creating a Break Room to Support Worship

Families living with many types of disability may benefit from a space to take a break when worship or sensory demands become too much. Break rooms are for temporary respite […]

Embracing Movement and Sound in Worship

Each church has its own worship characteristics. For example: Music may be led by a choir, a praise team, or both. Instruments may (or may not) include an organ, piano, […]

Hearing Accommodations in the Sanctuary

Many of us take for granted being able to clearly hear the sermon during worship. There are likely to be individuals in your congregation who have mild to severe hearing […]

Educating Your Congregation on Disability Ministry

There are many simple, ordinary ways to educate your congregation in disability ministry. We typically think of training and education as a formal process with a teacher. But greater understanding […]

Accomodating Vision Impairments

We typically think of vision impairment in two forms: low vision and total blindness. However, there are many degrees of visual impairment. This often is a result of the specific […]

Quick Tips and Resources for Visual Impairment

Print and Projection Considerations Font: Use a sans serif font or APHont. Text size: Use large print, i.e. 18-24 pt for printed matter, 24 pt or more for text projected […]

Church Websites That Reach Families with Disabilities

In today’s digital age, your church’s website provides a front-door view into the heart of the congregation. Twenty years ago, families impacted by disability would have driven by your church […]

Enfolding Young Adults with Disabilities

Young adults with disabilities often have difficulty navigating adult ministries upon graduation from high school or college. We encourage you to take some time to think about what supports need […]

Autism and Adult Ministries

In the coming years, we expect to see more adults with autism navigating church body life. It is important to lay a foundation for adult ministries in the church for rising teens with autism. And it is important for congregations who already […]