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Common Learning Disabilities

Common learning disabilities include: Dyslexia. Primarily a reading disability, dyslexia also impacts other areas of learning and expression, such as listening, speaking, writing, sequencing, and remembering. Dyslexia causes difficulty in decoding, […]

Visual Perception Disabilities

Individuals with visual perception disabilities have difficulty making sense of what they see. Visual perception disabilities are not linked to problematic eyesight. The problem is a result of the way […]

Executive Functioning Deficits

Executive functioning refers to the skills needed to get things done. Whether planning a family vacation, preparing a meal, writing a paper, or simply starting the day, one must employ […]

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Children, teens, and adults who are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often exhibit difficulty attending to tasks, lack of impulse control, poor planning and organizational skills, and hyperactivity. […]

Adults with Learning Disabilities at Church

Before long, the kids in your children’s ministry will turn into youth, then young adults, and then adults. Conversations about learning disabilities happen most often in children’s and youth ministries. […]

Learning Disabilities in Children at Church

Learning disabilities in children are not always recognized as such. At church, sometimes there is a discrepancy between what we think a child can do and what he or she actually […]

What Are Learning Disabilities?

Learning disabilities are neurological differences that affect a person’s ability to understand, remember, or communicate information. An estimated 20% of Americans, nearly 65 million, are impacted by a learning disability. […]