Ashley Belknap

Executive Director

Brandon, Mississippi

It brings me great joy to continually invest in the work of discipleship across the PCA and North America. Of the 1,930+ PCA congregations, we have coached and encouraged more than 500 to disciple and enfold kids, teens, and adults with disabilities. It is my genuine hope that within the next ten years, all current and new PCA churches will be equipped to love, disciple, and enfold the individuals and families in their congregations who are impacted by disability.

As the director, I am personally involved in coaching many churches while I train our staff team to coach churches of all sizes and types. My work includes broad congregational education and training church staff members and volunteers in all aspects of disability ministry. I also invest time in the development of reformed, adapted discipleship materials. I continue to raise financial support while serving full-time.

“Working alongside individuals and families touched by disability is an incredible blessing. I love getting be a small part of the change that happens in church congregations when they gain the confidence to love and serve well, which in turn allows our families impacted by disability to begin to thrive. These gospel changes effect entire families and congregations, making them all stronger.”